Be the coolest teacher in your school!

-Preloaded Games
-Track student progress with automatic reports
-9 easy to use templates
-1,000's of teacher-made activities
-Classroom profiles

What subjects does Guroo work with?

Guroo works with all subjects. Our templates are designed to accept content from any subject you may teach.

How easy is it?

Guroo is extremely easy to use. We include step-by-step instructions for each section, and you'll be up and running like a pro before you know it.

What Is Guroo?

The easiest way to get your students excited about learning!

Students hate homework ... but with Guroo, homework is different. No more lost papers, scribbled assignments or blaming the dog for eating their homework. Guroo presents your content in a video game format that tracks when students play, how long they play and their score. Get up-to-the-minute classroom and student reports in an easy-to-use setting.

  • 9 exciting game templates that you can customize
  • Detailed tracking of student progress
  • Classroom profiles so parents can see what is assigned
  • Find activities from other teachers, "follow" them to see what else they create
  • Hundreds of supplementary materials built right in